Couldn’t biodegradable paper replace synthetic materials in many areas?
In search of new fields of application for paper we explored what qualities paper can
achieve through different material mixtures. Inspired by the fibrous aesthetics of the
paperpulp we wanted to add this liveliness to the material composition.

Through numerous material experiments we discovered the special qualities of the paper-sugar-mixture. The two everyday materials compound into a material of astonishing solidity and with a lively surface texture.
In the manufacturing process we add sugar to the paperpulp, boil it up and smear the warm mixture into textile forms. During the drying process, the structure of the textile forms becomes apparent on the surface of the objects.
Through the weight of the material the textile moulds collapse, crumple and become irregular figures. In this manner, the manufacturing process lends to the individual character of the objects.
project "High-Tech Paper"
FHNW Gestaltung und Kunst, Aarau 2008 

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