Projekt Handwerk unites traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design and creates modern interpretations of hand-made products.
In intense collaboration with four Swiss craftspeople, a variety of products for everyday use have been developed. The objects emphasise the qualities of the four particular crafts in a specific manner.

An exhibition shows the results of Projekt Handwerk from 21.09. - 31.10.2012 at
Eco Design Home Showroom in Zurich, Switzerland.

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lHow often do you prepare a dinner for your friends?
Do you know where your last salad grew?
What is your favourite fruit? When is its season?
How often do you go for a walk in the forest?
Do herbs grow on your balcony? Why not?
How much time do you usually take for your lunch?
Do you spend your lunchtime with your colleagues ?
Do you compost?
How many different apple species can you name?
Did your Grandma preserve fruits?
Do you remember the taste of it? 

The food installation by designasyl at the TRATTORIA UTOPIA
creates an invitational ambiance. A gathering around a dining
table awakes a sense of community. The preparation of food and
a tasteful meal at a table represent the centre of social life and fulfill
both the need for physical well-being as well as social enjoyment. 
designasyl’s arrangement of seasonal treats brings up the question
of growing and preserving one’s own vegetables and asks for
ecologically worthwile tableware.